At 06:30 on June 6th 1944, the beautiful beaches of Normandy set the scene for the largest single-day invasion of all time. Over 130,000 US, British and Canadian troops stormed Germany’s Atlantic Wall in an attack that would see some of the deadliest fighting of World War II and ultimately bring an end to the war.

La Mancellière is ideally located as your base for exploring historic Normandy. We are just 90 minutes from Caen and Ouistreham and many of the landing beaches such as Omaha, Juno, Gold and Sword. The strategic city of Avranches, where General Patton’s 3rd Army launched Operation Cobra in the months following the landings, is just 30 minutes away. The area around the property, dubbed ‘Le Contre Attaque’ (or Counter Attack), is steeped in World War II history. We can provide all the information you need, together with details of museums and cemetery tours. Just ask us for more information when making your booking.

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